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Posted by Jackie on January 11, 2009


This might look like a grand wall or door or gate, but is in fact a ceiling. It can be found in the wonderful Burrell Collection.

8 Responses to “Ceiling”

  1. Wayne said

    They don’t make ceilings like that anymore.

  2. Virginia said

    Just a gorgeous ceiling. Love your photograph.

  3. Katya said


    I love textured ceilings! This ceiling goes far and beyond textured, though. I love the way you captured the warmth of the wood. Just so very beautiful!!!

  4. mike said

    I love the design of that ceiling also.

  5. Might look a bit out of place in a modern house – always assuming that the craftsmen exist who could build and install it!

    The one thing I’ve got against the Burrell Collection is the display of objects being totally out of their context – I know that they are being preserved, but ….

  6. JM said

    Beautiful ceiling!

  7. marley said

    Very grand, mush better than artex!

  8. Have still never visited the Burrell Collection!

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