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Posted by Jackie on January 13, 2009

View of the Clyde from the Glasgow Tower

Most of my photos for the next week will be quite old – I’m getting a bit low on photos so am raiding the archives till I can get out (hopefully in less wet weather!) to take some new ones. This was taken a couple of years ago, from the top of the Glasgow Tower – but instead of looking towards the sights of the city centre, it looks away from the city towards some of the few remaining shipyards on the Clyde River.

[Oops a blonde moment, I scheduled this for tomorrow instead of today. I was wondering why I hadn’t got any comments! Sorry for the delay in your daily dose of Glasgow 🙂 ]

7 Responses to “Shipbuilding”

  1. There are quite a lot of tall buildings on the other side of the river. I like the view.

  2. Hilda said

    Very busy river there.

    The thought of a river wide and deep enough to have shipyards just boggles my mind.

  3. Hilda – in comparison to the 1960s, the river is deserted. Large cargo ships from all over the world used to tie up and discharge on the quays which lined both sides of the river. There were a large number of shipbuilding yards on the upper Clyde – remember the QEII was built just downriver from here. At New Year, all the boats would sound their sirens and the noise was quite incredible.

  4. this one is an absolute beauty
    your river looks serene – no bridges though??
    the flats have probably been built relatively recently
    still, it looks like a nice place to live

  5. Jackie said

    Maria, this is the view heading away from the city, towards the sea. If you turn and look the other way from here there are loads of bridges!

  6. marley said

    It makes me sad to think of all those lost shipyards.

  7. Katya said

    Oh my! What a contrast in the two sides of the river! WOW!

    Thank you for the little piece of history, too, AHM!

    That is a great photo, Jackie.

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