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Nautical College

Posted by Jackie on January 15, 2009


You can tell this wasn’t taken recently, as the trees have leaves on them! This is the Glasgow College of Nautical Studies, which offers a range of courses (not just nautical related these days) – as well as marine operations and nautical studies, it also covers engineering, telecommunications, health, child care and beauty (somewhat randomly). It’s on the south bank of the Clyde, right by Glasgow Green. This picture was taken from near Glasgow Central Mosque – the grounds of the mosque are in the foreground, by the trees.

I was amused a few months ago that during a period of heavy rain, the Nautical College got flooded. I guess they’d be as well equipped as anyone to know what to do.

12 Responses to “Nautical College”

  1. Sven said

    Obviously, since the college did not get afloat, they were NOT well equipped!

  2. Katya said

    Wow…a building that resembles a cruise ship! That is pretty funny. It even has birds swooping about, just like at sea…I cannot help but wonder what seafaring men from the past would think, were they to see this present day building?

  3. Lunarossa said

    Sounds like interesting stuff! And the building look very impressive. Great to see a bit of green around. It is so grey at the moment. Ciao. A.

  4. Ex West Ender said

    Nautical studies and beauty? Well hello sailor!

  5. I can picture the first engineer very carefully giving his hands a manicure.

  6. Dianne said

    the building looks as though it could take sail 🙂

  7. marley said

    Yes, why do all colleges do do beauty and childcare?!

  8. tash said

    It looks a bit like a modern ship… too bad about the flooding but the situation was funny indeed.

  9. Kris said

    I like the way that we’re peeping over the trees here.

  10. Becky said

    Ha! That’s great. And I love the colours of the trees. Perhaps it’s just my screen, but they look slightly more colourful than usual. Nice frame for the shot.

  11. A good view….I can see a bird flying around the college…

  12. ross said

    I just live along the corner from the natuical college

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