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Posted by Jackie on January 20, 2009


This building houses the Computer Science department at Glasgow University. I had wanted to take a picture looking up at it with blue sky, but actually I really like how the bleached out sky makes it look like the vertical lines of the building just merge into the sky.

13 Responses to “Lines”

  1. MartinC said

    What an intriguing photo! It would be interesting to see the building again from further back.

  2. Katya said

    Funny, when I saw this, the first thought was “Jacob’s ladder”! That really is an interesting design. I really do like your capture! A blue sky would be nice, too!

  3. ken mac said

    simple, effective, sweet

  4. Ken Mac stole my words…

  5. Guider said

    Love it, it never looked so interesting when I was there.

  6. almost looks like a railway track – or am I just a train nut!

  7. Gerald said

    I saw the thumbnail on the portal first and wondered what it was – some kind of ladder sprung to mind or a rail track – so a bit surprised by the actuallity.

  8. Lunarossa said

    Cool! Looks like a stairway to heaven….All the best. Ciao. Antonella

  9. dianne said

    I’m a sucker for lines and these are some mighty fine lines!

  10. marley said

    Yes, it does look like it goes on forever.

  11. Seems like endless high

  12. Ingo said

    Excellent picture! I’m working in that building, but I never saw it like this.

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