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At the end of the rainbow

Posted by Jackie on January 22, 2009


Although the weather has been pretty rubbish the last couple of weeks, occasionally we have had little glimmers of hope. Even though I was late for work, when I saw this rainbow I got off the bus specially so I could snap it. You can see that as well as the rainbow, to the right there’s still an ugly great big raining rain cloud (if you can’t see it try adjusting the screen colours to make the whole thing darker), and after the blue sky another one coming in for the next drenching.

The church in the foreground is St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral and further in the distance Lansdowne Parish Church. Due to their position they often get photographed together.

I reckon the left-hand side of the rainbow lands pretty near my office. I have to say I’m still looking for the pot of gold though 🙂

[Thanks to Lay Clerk from St Mary’s for helping me choose between the landscape and portrait versions of this photo!]

12 Responses to “At the end of the rainbow”

  1. MartinC said

    It’s amazing how a rainbow can really make a photo! I love rainbows!

  2. Katya said

    Jackie, this photo makes being late well worth the effort!!! This is just beautiful. I really, rally like this capture! Good job, friend!

  3. looks superb…I am yet to capture rainbows…

  4. Lara said

    so beautiful. a breath out of politics – just for a while :)…

  5. Scott said

    Where’s the pot of gold though?!!

  6. Sven said

    For me in Sweden, where the Lutheran “Church of Sweden” is really THE church, it is quite interesting to sort out the church situation in Scotland. If I get it right, the cathedral in this picture is what we foreigners call “Anglican”. We haven’t such in Sweden, but our church too has bishops. The Lansdowne church belongs to those who have “THE Glasgow Cathedral” which you mentioned some while ago, and we call them “Presbyterians”. Neither those we have in Sweden.

  7. Lunarossa said

    Beautiful rainbow. Hope you did not get drenched by that nasty dark cloud! Have a nice day. Ciao. Antonellla

  8. Great catch! I think I would have jumped off the bus too!

  9. Jackie said

    Hi Sven, yes you’ve got the church situation right. In Scotland the Presbyterians (the Church of Scotland) are the established church, as opposed to England where the established church is the Church of England (Anglican) (though establishment means different things on each side of the border, but I haven’t quite worked that out). The Anglican Church has an agreement with the Scandinavian Lutheran Churches, known as the Porvoo agreement, so they recognise each others’ bishops and priests and rites and whathaveyou. Actually the (Scottish Episcopal – ie Anglican) Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway is twinned with the Lutheran Diocese of Gothenburg.

  10. babooshka said

    Rainbows and moons I rarely catch, too lazy. Set against the longview this is pretty stunning.

  11. Ingo said

    Another beautiful picture, well done! I’d like to link this photo and the other one showing the computing science building from an own blog posting (giving you the required credits of course). Is that ok? Otherwise I would have to take exactly these pictures again with my own camera…;-)

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