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Let it snow

Posted by Jackie on January 23, 2009


On Monday I looked out of the office window and saw big big snowflakes falling. I had a go at taking some pictures – I had wanted to capture the sense of the big white flakes, but as my window isn’t one you can hang out of and the flash would have just bounced off the glass, I tried it without flash and got this very bizarre effect.

The snow settled, but was gone the next morning.

15 Responses to “Let it snow”

  1. Wayne said

    This image is very appealing to me. It almost looks like a painting. It appears to me that it’s just as well you can’t hang out that window, it looks a long way down.

  2. MartinC said

    Dancing snowflakes! A very curious effect.

  3. Bob Crowe said

    And very good, indeed! You got a really nice sense of delicate motion and a mysterious orange in the sodium vapor street lights.

  4. Hilda said

    It looks like someone’s trying to write with light. Unusual alright.

  5. babooshka said

    We call this artistic, you tell people of course you went for this mesmerising effect. Why should paid photographers have all the fun..

  6. Katya said

    Very cool! I have done this as well…I call them “tracers”! I have a friend who loved doing “camera tossing” and she would use a slow setting and then photograph lights while moving the camera all around…much the same net result!

    See, you have a very artistic photo, just as Babooshka said!

  7. Lara said

    hi there, the link for the petition is here:

    this is only Romanian thing. for what I know there is also a debate in Bulgaria, but it seems they are a little bit smarter than we are…

  8. maria said

    bizarre and freezing!

  9. Very arty, but rather nice.

  10. Linda said

    Orange snowflakes in Glasgow – that’s classy!

  11. Lunarossa said

    They look like very thin and short branches falling from the sky…So clever! Hope snow won’t come here anymore for 2009. I want some warmth! Ciao. Antonella

  12. It looks like brushstrokes!

  13. Dianne said

    this is so pretty! I love the tone – of quiet and peace

    snow that falls and then disappears is the best kind

  14. Ruby said

    I like the view from your window. So Glasgae has snow – even though it’s not settling. We seem to be missing out in York!

  15. marley said

    It looks like wild worms! Its a neat photo 🙂

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