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Wolfson Building by night

Posted by Jackie on January 24, 2009


I’ve shown the Wolfson Building, which houses Glasgow University’s Medical School, before. Here it is from another angle. This was about 9.15 on a Friday evening, I was at the bus stop over the road waiting to go home after a meal out. I couldn’t believe I could still see students working in there! On a Friday night! In my day … honestly, the students of today! Shocking!

7 Responses to “Wolfson Building by night”

  1. MartinC said

    I wish my camera would take such sharp night photos!
    I like the look of the curved shape of the left side of the building.

  2. What a nice capture this is. I liked the photograph, and the students’ interest in their studies.

  3. Scott said

    I’d like to think the ‘students’ are actually stuffed, presented at the windows by the uni to give the impression that there’s still a work ethic there!

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  5. Katya said

    A beautiful shot! Wow. Do they PAY students to be so diligent? That building is very nice. Clean lines and the curved glass reminds me of my contacts! (watching eyes?)

    In thinking about the students, I guess med students must get accustomed to working long hard hours so they might as well submerge themselves now, eh?

  6. A nice angle…

  7. babooshka said

    Cityscapes are wonderful by night as are individual buildings like this. Nicely done no glare, just lush tones.

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