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Posted by Jackie on January 25, 2009


It’s that time of year again – one of the best music festivals in the world, Celtic Connections, and it’s in Glasgow 😀 Last year and (especially) the year before we went to loads and loads of concerts (and spent a fortune), but sadly this year we’re having to tighten our belts a bit. However we did manage to get out on Friday evening to the Old Fruitmarket where we saw Shooglenifty, a great band mostly from Orkney (the guy on the mandolin is from Tasmania I think), who also for part of the set played with an Afghan band, Ensemble Kaboul. What a great night. This was the 4th time I’ve seen them, and the 2nd time in Glasgow, having discovered them first at the WOMAD festival in (I think) 1996 or 1997. They describe their music as “acid-croft” which I think is pretty apt – think traditional Scottish music, but with attitude!

This is the least rubbish picture I took. In my defence, they moved around quite a lot, I was quite a way from the stage (for locals who know the Fruitmarket, level with the bar), the exposure was several seconds, I was holding the camera up in the air and just holding my breath to keep still, and (possibly most important to the eventual outcome) had had a couple of pints by this point. In the circumstances, not bad!

If you get the chance to see this band, go for it – you really won’t be disappointed!

7 Responses to “Shooglenifty”

  1. Katya said

    Ooooooooo….dark…freaky lighting…..movement….pints!!!….lucky you got a photo at all!!!!
    Sounds like a terrific band! I love “ethnic” music of most any kind, really. Lucky you! I would love to get out for an evening of music. Ah, but then again, I do live a rather relaxed life!!!hehehe

  2. margaret said

    I saw this group on Cape Breton Island last year, this music is definitely geared to the younger age groups. I was not the only “senior” who left at Intermission before my hearing was completely gone. Another night I heard one of the group accompanying his father who sang in Gaelic at a ceilidh and that was most enjoyable.

  3. Sven said

    Morning! Burns Night, fun?

  4. I wish You could post more photographs of this festival…

  5. Lunarossa said

    It looks really nice. Lovely colours. Are you celebrating Burns Night? I’m off looking for veggie haggis in Sansbury’s. Have fun. Ciao. Antonella

  6. Jackie said

    Margaret – yes, they are definitely not quiet, that’s for sure (and I do remember thinking to myself that my dad, who’s a bit of a folkie, wouldn’t like them!). I’d like to hear some of their quieter stuff – and I’m SO jealous that you’ve been to Cape Breton Island, that’s one of my (very many) wishlist places! The music from there is just fantastic.

    Sven and Lunarossa – thank you, Burns Night is tonight, but as I’m out later we had (veggie) haggis for lunch today instead.

    Deepak – your wish is my command – I’m not going to as many gigs as usual but will feature a few more photos.

    Katya – Glasgow in January is a great time to come if it’s music you’re after!

  7. Ruby said

    WOW, I would sooo love to be there!

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