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Upside-down audience

Posted by Jackie on January 28, 2009


One of the regular features of the Celtic Connections festival is Danny Kyle’s Open Stage. This is an event which runs most days, free to get in, where 4 or 5 pre-selected acts perform a 20 minute set, in the hope of bagging a support slot for next year’s festival. It’s held at the Royal Concert Hall Exhibition Suite, which (handily for arty photo opportunities) has a mirrored ceiling. (I’m not in the picture by the way!)

13 Responses to “Upside-down audience”

  1. Ian said

    Great photo!

  2. JM said

    This is brilliant, Jackie! I love the photo!

  3. nanak said

    wow! great photo!

  4. Lunarossa said

    Fantastic idea, great shot! Pity you’re not in the photo, although I wouldn’t have recognized you anyway! Ciao. A.

  5. Katya said

    Egads…if I didn’t read your comment, I would have gone daft, trying to figure out what this is! Excellent idea, and great job carrying it out, you clever girl!!!!

  6. Great shot. It almost looks like a puzzle.

  7. Marc said

    Odd but interesting shot.

  8. Linda said

    This makes me feel tipsy just looking at it.

  9. marley said

    Very cool, though it makes my head hurt – it could be the fact that I’ve had a drink tonight!

  10. MartinC said

    An amazing image! What an inspiration to look up and photograph it while everyone else looks at the performers!

  11. Brilliant capture…

  12. maria said

    i’ve seen glas floors (thanksfully not mirrored ones!), but this morrired ceiling is relaly unusual!

  13. mike said

    That looks like a lot of fun. Never seen a ceiling like that before.

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