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Credit crunch

Posted by Jackie on January 30, 2009


I have some more Celtic Connections photos to show, as thanks to a late Christmas present we were able to get to a cracking show last night (that’s why I haven’t done today’s entry on time – too knackered last night). I haven’t downloaded my photos so I’m not sure how many are any good yet, but hopefully I’ll have one or two.

For now though here’s a picture from Sauchiehall Street. Pretty familiar I reckon. Before I came here I always thought Sauchiehall Street was *the* shopping street for Glasgow, but since I’ve been here the last 3 years I’ve noticed more and more pound shops and discount stores, especially down the pedestrianised end. This photo seems to sum up the current climate, sadly.

12 Responses to “Credit crunch”

  1. I haven’t bother to photograph the bottom of the High Street in Ayr – Empty shop upon empty shop.

  2. Katya said

    Our “downtown” areas suffer in many towns and cities, as folks would rather “run to the mall” to shop inside, particularly in inclimate or hot weather. Many of the small “Mom and Pop” stores have also suffered as the “big name” stores came to town, selling everything from hardware to housewares. The sad fact is, many of the smaller stores carried much better quality goods. The prices might have been higher, but the quality was so much better. Now I shudder as I look for the seal stating *where* an item was manufactured. We have become so compromised, we buy goods made in countries where people’s earnings aren’t even enough on which to live. Makes my blood want to BOIL, particularly when our local artisans and manufacturers sit idle because no one is willing to “pay the price”……

  3. Steven said

    I so love the photo! Not just because the statement of the sign that says the store is closed but I have noticed those cute mid-cut boots on the other store! Their so cute!

    Sorry for not visiting for more than two months and Thank you so much for your greeting this New Year’s Eve! I was just able to read it now but it felt really good to see a greeting and I want ot thank you so much!

    God Bless you and more power! Hope you drop by on my latest post!

    BTW, we have submitted the first four chapters of our thesis just this afternoon so we are truly happy about it! Thanks for wishing us luck!


  4. Lunarossa said

    Very similar situation here in Yorkshire as well. Pound shops and charity stores will be the only ones which will survive …and of course high street big stores that exploit east european and asian labour!!! How sad! Have a nice weekend. Ciao. Antonella

  5. Linda said

    You haven’t by any chance seen Tony McManus play at Celtic Connections, have you? I heard a CD of his when I was in the music department of a bookshop today, and wanted to buy it straight away, but they hadn’t added it to their stock list yet. They did say he was on at Celtic Connections if I just wanted to nip through to Glasgow! One year I will make the epic journey through to catch this. It comes at a really busy time for my school age children, however.

    Pretty much the same situation here on the shopping front. But those boots ARE cute!

  6. dianne said

    could be any shopping street in any city here in the states – I love when the world gets smaller and we share similar experiences – but not this – what a mess Bush and his dumbass crew made –

  7. Jackie said

    Hi Linda – no I haven’t seen Tony McManus (or heard of him) – but will keep my eyes/ears open!

  8. marley said

    A very familiar sign – sadly.

  9. well in Delhi too, such huge discounts are being given out becasue of the global financial crisis…

  10. oh dear, very gloomy, but that’s the ways things are going all over the world, nothing new indeed

  11. Tis sad, and sadly it is all over.

  12. Gill said

    that sign is in many city’s all over the world including the ones in Canada………

    thought provoking photo…….

    Gill in Canada

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