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Le Vent du Nord

Posted by Jackie on February 2, 2009


The first support act (of two) that I saw at last Thursday’s Celtic Connections concert at the Royal Concert Hall was this band from Quebec, called Le Vent du Nord (‘The North Wind’). They were absolutely fantastic – they had the audience on their feet, and their energy was infectious. You can see some footage of them from their website here (check out what the fiddle player is doing with his feet – talk about multi-tasking!).

7 Responses to “Le Vent du Nord”

  1. Loved the angle and the colour….

  2. So it’s all their fault then! You know the poem – The North wind shall blow and we shall have snow…..

  3. Hilda said

    Sounds like you had a great time! Love the band’s name! I love Enya — do you think I’d like this band’s music too?

  4. Dianne said

    the blue tone is fantastic!!

  5. Katya said

    Ah, mais oui!!!! Quebec, eh? As in CANADA??? Yes, we often get WEATHER from Quebec!! hehehe

    Some feet on that fiddler….I always am amazed seeing the fiddle playing member of Celtic Woman come leaping out while playing! Guess they have to “keep time” somehow, eh?

    They certainly are an energetic lot, even if they DO send all that cold our way!!!!

  6. Jackie said

    Hilda, click on the link! They’re much more energetic than Enya so might not be your thing – but come back tomorrow, I think you will like the music I link to tomorrow.

    Katya, yes Quebec as in Canada. Somewhere I’ve always fancied going. I love the Cape Breton music, so maybe it’s time for a music tour of eastern Canada, eh? 😉

    AHM – indeed. It’s been snowing all day here too 🙂

    Deepak and Dianne – thank you very much!

  7. Katya said

    Jackie, IF you make a trip to Canada, you MUST let me know!!!! It isn’t THAT far away!!!! Oh, and of course you and the mister MUST go to romantic Niagara Falls!!!!!!

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