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Snow in the trees

Posted by Jackie on February 12, 2009


The snow in the Botanic Gardens really looked beautiful. It’s all disappeared from the trees now (though lots of grassy areas still have some snow). I’m glad I managed to capture the tree snow before it all went.

14 Responses to “Snow in the trees”

  1. MartinC said

    A nice shot! I took some photos of snow on branches near here but they didn’t look as good as this one.

  2. babooshka said

    This is perfect. Really beautiful winter scene

  3. Lunarossa said

    This is my favourite photo of yours, dear Jackie. I live bare trees and with the snow on top is absolutely perfect. When I was a kid I used to draw any sort of winter trees usually with a layer of snow on their branches. Beautiful! Ciao. A.

  4. Lunarossa said

    PS Sorry for the typo, I meant “I love bare trees”. A.

  5. Scott said

    Brilliant capture Jackie – this would look great wrapped on a canvas in my house (maybe you should consider selling your best ones!).

  6. Ian said

    Beautiful; snow on tree brances is a most beautiful thing.

  7. JM said

    This is SO beautiful! Fantastic shot.

  8. marley said

    That is really good. I’ve got a photo like this – I might post it now!

  9. dianne said

    the snow looks carefully arranged

  10. Ruby said

    I have been admiring snow on trees like this for the past few days – they look like they’ve been shaded by an artist, the way it settles on one side of the branches. Your photo captures this beautifully, nice one!

  11. Katya said

    Jackie, gorgeous! As you know, I cannot get enough of snow-covered trees!!!! Very nicely done!!!!

  12. maria said

    a stark photo
    very wintery

  13. Andrew said


  14. It looks really beautiful.

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