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Botanics snow

Posted by Jackie on February 13, 2009


I’m going to stick with the snow for a couple more days as it’s much more photogenic than the weather we’ve had the last few days! This is from the Botanic Gardens (I think I showed a similar view when it was frosty a month or two ago). I really like this one enlarged (click on it, then once you’re in flickr go to All Sizes and pick Original). Even though you can see the slushy path.

It’s funny, the pictures people go for. A couple of people said very complementary things about yesterday’s photo (thank you very much!) – I thought it was OK, and the best of the tree close-up photos I took, but none of them really captured how beautiful it was. And then sometimes there are pictures I’m really pleased with that hardly get any comments. Anyway – I’m glad you like them 🙂

I’m away for the weekend so won’t be able to respond to comments or visit elsewhere for a few days. Have a nice weekend!

10 Responses to “Botanics snow”

  1. Katya said

    Jackie, I agree that this is really “the icing on the cake”! A fantastic shot…the path just seems to call out, “come, follow me!” This is worthy of framing!!!

  2. Guy D said

    Amazing winter shot, I love everything about this photo and you captured it perfectly.

    Have a great weekend!
    Regina In Pictures

  3. Dianne said

    I have a thing for curves in the road
    this is a beauty

    photography – like all art – is so subjective. I have a photo I adore displayed and so many people ask me why I chose it when I have taken so many more that are better

    ya love what ya love 😉

    have a great weekend

  4. This is a beautiful shot Jackie! It looks like a place I’d love to take a stroll even with the snow.

  5. Linda said

    Botanic gardens seem made for the snow.

  6. marley said

    That is a great photo. I like the way the path leads you through the photo.

    I agree with what you said about people and the way they comment. I will often really like a photo of mine but it doesn’t get many comments.

  7. Wayne said

    This is lovely scene Jackie. But you can keep the snow. Even though there are small mounds of unmelted snow around here it seems like a distant memory and I hope we don’t get another round of it.

    I’ve probably jinxed us just by mentioning it.

  8. Brilliant composition.

  9. Laura said

    What a lovely picture. I feel a need for a sweater and a hat as I sit here looking at it.

  10. this is beautiful – despite the cold, i get the feeling i would love to be bundled up and walking here on my own…

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