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Posted by Jackie on February 19, 2009


One of the exhibits I really liked was this one – a set of toys and accessories made from everyday goods: bottletops, telephone wires, etc.

10 Responses to “Recycling”

  1. Katya said

    It is incredible how some people can literally fashion a silk purse from a sow’s ear! I have never been good at doing such feats. I love the little giraffe.

  2. Jacob said

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  3. Lunarossa said

    What beautiful ideas. This is what I call modern art. And useful. And very creative. Ciao. Antonella

  4. dianne said

    I love the botttle top bag!

  5. Wonderful. Anything could be made from anything in this world. Every object has its own value.

  6. Oh, I love these recycled objects too, especially the South African ones!

  7. Scott said

    I wondered for a minute there whether that was a giraffe or the Eiffel Tower. Now I see it was definitely a giraffe.

    – “Ca, c’est le Tour Eiffel?”

    – “Non, c’est un girafe!”

  8. Jackie said

    Thanks very much Jakob 🙂

    I like the giraffe too.

    Perhaps I should retitle the photo “Ceci n’est pas le Tour Eiffel”, Scott. I don’t think I’ve been pseudy for a while.

  9. Scott said

    Oh oui, je pense qui est une idée brillante!

  10. some people wouid say that this kind of art is very blue peter, but i love recylced art myself. these are great little numbers too

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