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Bible tapestry

Posted by Jackie on February 21, 2009


This is one of my favourite exhibits at the Burrell, a 15th (or was it 16th) century German tapestry of Old Testament stories. Some of them are easier to spot than others – it should be reasonably easy for you to see Jonah and the whale, and Daniel in the Lions’ Den is there too (typical me, I missed most of the well-known stories off the photo). I think there are 34 stories in total.

9 Responses to “Bible tapestry”

  1. Ian said

    Wow. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. ken mac said

    bet that is stunning up close

  3. I always marvel at the patience and intricacy. Beautiful!

  4. Katya said

    What a beautiful tapestry. Can you imagine the amount of work required to produce such a piece? Wow!

  5. Hilda said


    I can just hear my nieces begging to play “I spy” with this tapestry! ;D

  6. it really is very intriguing

  7. Jacob said

    Amazing array…quite beautiful, too. I’m assuming the Burrell is a museum of some kind.

  8. It looks really beautiful …

  9. Mary Jo said

    I love this stuff!!

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