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Langside Hall

Posted by Jackie on February 22, 2009


Last Sunday I showed you Pollokshaws Burgh Hall. This Sunday I’m showing a similar place, this time the other side of Queen’s Park from where I live. Today it seems to be used for similar purposes as Pollokshaws Burgh Hall – wedding receptions, exercise classes, surgeries for local councillors, interest group meetings, that sort of thing. It has quite an interesting history – it was designed around 1847 by John Thomas (no sniggering at the back please) who was also involved in the building of the Houses of Parliament, and was originally the National Bank of Scotland in Queen Street in the city centre. Around 1889 it was removed from Queen Street stone by stone and re-erected in Langside.

7 Responses to “Langside Hall”

  1. It must be a great hall. The designs show that…

  2. Beautiful classical architecture!

  3. Katya said

    This is such a beautiful building!

    Now, I need to clarify something. (Our English language is often something to LANGUISH over, it seems!!!!) What does “surgeries for local councillors” mean? Somehow, I have this ridiculous image of a red-eyed, crazy politician going after someone with a scalpel!!!! Please tell me I am wrong!!!! I know, I know, we Americans tend to slay the “proper English”, but that is the language I grew up learning! I have noticed that Ian in Oz seems to speak the same language as the “Brits”. Somehow, I am feeling so lost….(sniff,sniff) Tisn’t easy living in the melting (or is that “melding”!) pot!!!!!

  4. Jackie said

    Heh, Katya, you are indeed wrong, never fear! Surgeries is just the word we use for the scheduled times where the local politicians are available to meet the people they’re meant to be serving. Anyone is free to raise any issue with them, though I’m not at all sure they achieve much. I’ve never been to one, so I’m not sure if you have to make an appointment in advance or if you can just turn up.

    PS I’d say ‘melting pot’ myself, but have no idea if that’s correct or not!

  5. It looks like a bank building with a solid look to it. It is quite beautiful!

  6. Katya said

    Thanks for clarification, Jackie! I would hate to think of politicians running about, hacking everything they see. But wait a minute!!!! Isn’t that what they DO, after all? hehehe

  7. hilarious post – i must admit i couldnt understand the surgeries bit either!

    stone by stone – these days, there would be a machine that simply cuts away at the base of the building and moves it as one piece…

    by the way, i had to laugh about the cheddar comment on my post – indeed, having been brought up on (processed) cheddar cheese, i never thought it exotic, except now that i have come to greece!

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