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Glasgow geology

Posted by Jackie on February 24, 2009


This was taken whilst standing on the platform at Queen’s Park station – one of Glasgow’s suburban stations (incidentally, I heard the other day that after London Glasgow has the busiest suburban train network in the UK. That surprised me, I expected somewhere like Birmingham to be busier. Certainly New St Station in Birmingham has always felt much bigger and busier whenever I’ve been there than Glasgow’s Central Station. But I digress).

I like to think of this as demonstrating Glasgow’s geology – you can of course clearly see Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous layers here (you can also see some slightly unsuccessful focussing, but we’ll gloss over that. Ahem). Actually, as I understand it the truth is that when the trains were steam trains the wall was much lower, but with the electrification of the railway they had to make the walls higher (on the other side of the wall is a residential street, and the layer of old bricks really isn’t that much higher than the road) so that people were less likely to be electrocuted. To be honest, from the road there’s quite a nasty high drop here down to the railway line itself, so I can’t imagine it was all that safe anyway before the wall was made higher.

I have tons going on this week work-wise (not helped by fighting a losing battle with evil MS Word), so may be a less frequent visitor at your blogs this week. Hopefully though I will meet Friday’s deadline and not overshoot it like I usually do.

4 Responses to “Glasgow geology”

  1. Kris said

    MS Word isn’t evil, just misunderstood. It’s like a highly strung partner, you just have to stroke its hair a bit and tell it how pretty it is.

  2. … or treat it rough in caveman style!!!! 🙂

  3. I am glad to see a different image of Glasgow.

  4. babooshka said

    Gary did his degree in Geology and his masters in Envion science so I inadvertantly know a little about rock formation, petrology. I know uber geek.

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