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Model University

Posted by Jackie on February 25, 2009


This model of the entire University of Glasgow can be found in the Visitors’ Centre at the Hunterian Museum, which is housed in the University’s main building.

11 Responses to “Model University”

  1. Jacob said

    Nice pic! The University is massive! Amazing!

  2. Ian said

    I love this. And love models of places: fascinating.

  3. Guider said

    Ooh, ooh, I used to work there! The Visitors’ Centre, not the model. Though I guess the model too.

  4. It’s huge! Nice job!

  5. Scott said

    Is that white car in the model parked illegally?!!

  6. Katya said

    Wow, that is a rather large university, indeed. I recently read that many American students study in Scotland. Thought that was interesting.

  7. maria v said

    models of towns are always introguing – they put things into perspective

  8. Mary Jo said

    I always get amazed with the models!

  9. m_m said

    Super shot. Giant University. I like such smaller versions of our public space, everything is easier there:)

  10. marley said

    Very cool! One of the Cotswold villages near Chelt has a model village and in the model village is a model village…and so on. It makes my brain hurt!

  11. Lovely model 🙂

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