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Playing Around

Posted by Jackie on February 26, 2009


This photo is of a piece of art that was in the Royal Concert Hall (I’m not sure if it’s still there – I took this about a month ago when I was at one of the Celtic Connections concerts). It is by an artist called Jan Miller who is based in Penicuik (south of Edinburgh). The figures are (I think) papier mache, and about 2/3 real life size, and depict real-life musicians (I wish I could remember who!). I really liked them. (I’ll show another one tomorrow).

4 Responses to “Playing Around”

  1. Great painting but it looks a little bit of funny.

  2. Katya said

    These are quite fantastic. I am trying to think…they remind me of carved fishermen from New England…they were typically carved from wood and worn a yellow raincoat! Gads, haven’t seen one of those in YEARS!

    These are amazingly well done!

  3. I did a quick check to see what I could find on Jan Miller, but I could only find this.

  4. Kris said

    I thought that it was lego.

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