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Bus Conductor

Posted by Jackie on February 27, 2009


This figure shows an old-fashioned bus conductor – I loved the detail, like her reading the People’s Friend. If I remember the blurb correctly, there is some speculation that this model is based on the actress and singer Barbara Dickson who played the part in a play or something (I really hope I didn’t just make that up!).

Ongoing apologies for the lack of blog visiting. I have a thesis chapter to be in on Monday and I don’t want to think about how much of it still needs writing. Argh. Thanks for stopping by though, and I’ll return your visit hopefully early next week.

10 Responses to “Bus Conductor”

  1. maria said

    this is a lovely picture jackie – people seemed so much happier in those days, even though we know they were poorer

  2. Dianne said

    that’s a fabulous photo – really pulls me right into the painting

    I am a big beleiver in BWO – Blogging Without Obligation – so work on your paper and don’t fret.

  3. Bus Conductor – or bus conductress as it usually was in my day – aka a Clippie. Famous in Glasgow for the line ‘Cumoan, get aff!’ which seems to tell folk to do two opposite actions at the same time.

    You might well be correct in the model being Barbara Dickson – she certainly did play a Clippie.

  4. Hilda said

    These are some of the most fantastic paper sculptures I have ever seen! And I agree with Dianne! Good luck with writing that chapter!

  5. Drummond said

    As soon as I saw this figure, I thought of ‘Kelty Clippie’ which is a well known folk song from Fife.
    Extract as follows-

    Noo she has’nae got nae culture, she drives me round the bend,
    She sits all night in her old armchair reading the Peoples Friend,
    Her lapels is full o’ badges, fae Butlins doon at Ayr,
    And she gangs tae the bingo every night, wi’ the curlers in her hair.

    O’ she’s just a Kelty clippie, she’ll no tak nae advice,
    It’s “ach drap died, awa bile yer heid, or I’ll punch you ticket twice”,
    Her faither’s just a waister, her mither’s on the game,
    She’s just a Kelty clippie, but I love her just the same.

    (Barbara Dickson is also from Fife)

    I love these figures!

  6. Drummond said

    Sorry Honest Man, you beat me to it, I should have read your link!

  7. Linda said

    Certainly looks like Barbara Dickson to me. What amazingly intricate papier mache work – nothing like the stuff we mangled at school. Good luck with your thesis chapter.

  8. All the best with your thesis. I love these papier mâché characters, they look so real! I remember similar bus conductors from my childhood in… ummm… southern neighbour… 😉

  9. Lovely painting.

  10. Katya said

    hehehe…I loved reading the comments on this one, Jackie. Looks like you struck up some walks down Memory Lane!!!

    Fantastic little woman, there! And nicely captured by you!

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