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Giant urn

Posted by Jackie on February 18, 2009


This is from the courtyard just past the information desk and shop in the Burrell Collection.

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Burrell shadows

Posted by Jackie on February 17, 2009


No this isn’t a church, but the entrance of the Burrell Collection which we visited the other weekend. I’m really pleased with everything about this picture – the shadows on the wall, the 2D effect of the building, the sky. It even features my husband (or at least, part of his head anyway!)

It’s nice when that happens 🙂

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Courtesy Bus

Posted by Jackie on February 16, 2009


This is the Pollok Park courtesy bus. It was nice to see the colour even in winter. As well as the hairy coos, this also shows Pollok House and the White Cart River (all of which have featured on the blog in the past).

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Pollokshaws Burgh Hall

Posted by Jackie on February 15, 2009


This is a close-up of Pollokshaws Burgh Hall, which was gifted to Pollokshaws by Sir John Stirling Maxwell (of the family who gifted nearby Pollok Park to Glasgow). It was opened in 1898, and despite being threatened with closure in the 1990s is still open and used for various functions and events.

You can see an old photo of the building in its heyday here.

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Kibble Palace in the snow

Posted by Jackie on February 14, 2009


Staying in the Botanic Gardens, here’s the Kibble Palace glasshouse looking lovely in the snow.

Happy Valentine’s Day! It turns out we couldn’t go away for the weekend after all, as our car’s not so well (nothing too serious, but we need to get the problem sorted out) and it was too late to get a train ticket that didn’t cost a fortune. We shall just have to have a romantic time in Glasgow instead 🙂

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Botanics snow

Posted by Jackie on February 13, 2009


I’m going to stick with the snow for a couple more days as it’s much more photogenic than the weather we’ve had the last few days! This is from the Botanic Gardens (I think I showed a similar view when it was frosty a month or two ago). I really like this one enlarged (click on it, then once you’re in flickr go to All Sizes and pick Original). Even though you can see the slushy path.

It’s funny, the pictures people go for. A couple of people said very complementary things about yesterday’s photo (thank you very much!) – I thought it was OK, and the best of the tree close-up photos I took, but none of them really captured how beautiful it was. And then sometimes there are pictures I’m really pleased with that hardly get any comments. Anyway – I’m glad you like them 🙂

I’m away for the weekend so won’t be able to respond to comments or visit elsewhere for a few days. Have a nice weekend!

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Snow in the trees

Posted by Jackie on February 12, 2009


The snow in the Botanic Gardens really looked beautiful. It’s all disappeared from the trees now (though lots of grassy areas still have some snow). I’m glad I managed to capture the tree snow before it all went.

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Protesting snowman

Posted by Jackie on February 11, 2009


On Monday we woke up to find that it had indeed snowed. Not so much that everything ground to a halt, but still enough to last a couple of days. An enterprising group of student protesters found a novel way to make their point here. By yesterday it had melted, but attention was away from here anyway and instead on the Computer Science Building, which was occupied by students protesting about the Israeli action and occupation in Gaza.

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Glasgow iceberg

Posted by Jackie on February 10, 2009


Just to the left of the skating birds, this really made me laugh (sorry about the quality of the photo, it was on full zoom). Even with the pond iced over, a traffic cone managed to just peep through the surface. Very Glasgow!

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Skating Gulls

Posted by Jackie on February 9, 2009


Walking past Queen’s Park on Saturday we spotted the big (lower) pond was completely frozen over. The gulls looked really funny skidding along, I’m guessing they were finding it a bit frustrating, entertaining though it was for us!

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