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Spring’s coming!

Posted by Jackie on March 4, 2009


The crocuses are out in Queen’s Park, and there are daffs emerging too, so in the next couple of weeks it should be a riot of yellow. I was really pleased with this picture, the contrast of the dead winter leaves and the new spring life 🙂

10 Responses to “Spring’s coming!”

  1. babooshka said

    Finally, but can you believe we have had a snow flurry tonight. Crazy

  2. mike said

    Spring is coming here also soon. Though in New York we just got over 10 inches of snow.

  3. Katya said

    WooHoo!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pretty yellow!!!!!! That is SO Spring!
    We are currently enjoying (hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha) some REALLY cold temps. They are likely to rise the end of this week, though. Our daffodils have poked up through the earth, but I wonder if they are now frozen….it is so cold, but I already said that! Soon, though…..

  4. Snowed last night – some still left this morning and it’s snowing again!

  5. And your flowers prove that…

  6. Yes, the daffs are almost open here in my Mum’s garden! Actually it’s kind of weird because she’s got daffs, snowdrops, primulas and crocuses all at the same time!?!? I really like your photo, the crocuses on a bed of fallen leaves, a real change of seasons picture!

  7. margaret said

    Thank you for that picture.
    We are still freezing in Canada. Roll on Spring.

  8. Jacob said

    The crocus photo is excellent, as is the one of the amphitheater…heck, they’re all superb. Lovely signs of spring – robins and crocuses. Here in Florida it’s azaleas mostly and a lot of flowering trees of which I do not know the names.

  9. marley said

    I can’t say great photo as i can’t see anything! I’m finding lately that I can’t see the photos of bloggers who use Flickr . Its not just your blog. I’m guessing something at wrong with my end as others can clearly see them. 😦

  10. this must be a very uplifting sight for people who live in cold climates. i can’t say we lack colour in a mediterranean winter – everything gets dry and dusty looking in summer due to drought

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