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Watt Brothers

Posted by Jackie on March 5, 2009


Watt Brothers is a department store on the corner of Sauchiehall Street and Hope Street up in the city centre. It has been around since 1910, so has seen plenty of recessions come and go. It is a bit downmarket in terms of the stuff it sells, so maybe that’s why it’s proved recession-proof.

15 Responses to “Watt Brothers”

  1. ken mac said

    a grand building

  2. Steve H. said

    It is a great looking building. I hope it stands for many years to come.

  3. Jacob said

    That’s amazing;1910! Not too many stores like this can claim such a long history in the States…most have long gone by the wayside or have been bought out by larger chains. Nice photo of a very interesting building.

  4. i often wonder how a store makes it all of these years. Given the current economic crises and the number of items a store or brand changes names, we all should salute those that make it for over ten or twenty years, but the one you have shared is unique. I am glad you enjoyed my saguaro cactus on my site. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Lara said

    I miss going shopping :))!

  6. Looks a wee bit small to me, but it is a nice building!

  7. i love stores like this – it’s never too expensive to go into them and treat yourself to something. as for those others that have gone under in the recession, i probably felt too daunted to enter them just by the look of their price tags…

  8. Half Baked said

    Wow, I never noticed that shop – I don’t think I go up that bit of Sauchiehall St though.

  9. We’ve got a branch in Ayr – but it isn’t half as good (quantity or building).

  10. Scott said

    Downmarket? Watt are you talking about Jackie?

    (see what I did there?!!)

    Surprised how quiet it looks outside the place in your photo. Normally when I walk past you’ve got to shove your way through a whole pack of folks waiting for the bus there!

  11. margaret said

    I too am confused about “downmarket” Maybe An Honest Man will remember the store [very imposing] where I bought my Elmwood Convent school uniform many moons ago. I think it was on Hope St or Jamaica.

  12. Dianne said

    looks so much like a section of Brooklyn, NY called Fulton Street

  13. Jackie said

    Heh, maybe I’m being unfair with “downmarket”. Having googled the store for info for this entry I came across quite a lot of moany reviews about the standard and quality of the goods sold – certainly I always had the impression that much of the stock was “cheap and cheerful” rather than Harrods-quality. Mind you, the only thing I ever bought there was a plug for my bath (which was cheap, but is still doing the job 3 years later).

  14. Katya said

    Wow…I just love the “oldtime” department stores. Sadly, they seem to have all disappeared, being taken over by the more “modern” stores. Even more sad is the fact that everything nowdays seems like it is “cheap”, as in mass-produced by underpaid people in faraway places.

    Glad to see this store has survived. May it continue to do so!

  15. Since 1910 ? That sounds great …

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