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Me and my big mouth!

Posted by Jackie on March 6, 2009

Glasgow Mar 09 001

I’m so embarrassed – only 2 days ago on this very blog I confidently declared “Spring is on the way!” And the very next day (i.e. yesterday) this is what Glasgow woke up to! This is at the university, in front of the main building. Actually all the snow had pretty much gone by lunchtime, I wonder what we’ll wake up to tomorrow?

I’m thinking of trying an experiment. Maybe I’ll caption tomorrow’s photo “Winter’s on the way” and see if we get a heatwave 😉

12 Responses to “Me and my big mouth!”

  1. Lunarossa said

    That’s Scotland for you!!! Don’t worry, it snows in some parts of Italy too. California dreaming here!!! Loveley photo though. Ciao. A.

  2. Ian said

    He he he.

    Beautiful photo: I love snow!

  3. Katya said

    I highly doubt your blog will change the weather! Sounds like our quirky weather is just making its way across the pond! We re currently experiencing warm and wonderful weather. Don’t worry. This time of the year, the weather swings back an forth like a pendulum! Spring *will* come. And soon!

  4. Hilda said

    Heehee! Love the dusting of snow on the bare trees though. So pretty!

  5. You never know, that might work. This is still a beautiful scene even if it’s another winter one. I loved that little sliver of red in the parking area.

  6. Lara said

    oh, well… miserable weather here too… rain and wind all day long… brrrrrrrr…

  7. LOL! I was talking to a friend in Donegal yesterday and she was snowed in! We were told to expect snow but nothing happened! Have a great weekend!

  8. Ah well. One never gets bored!!

  9. marley said

    Good to see you are as good at forecasting as the weathermen! Lol!

    I can see your photos again! Yay!

  10. babooshka said

    It is weird isn’t it. I too had given up and was on the hunt daffodils and the shazzam snow.

  11. Lovely image. But here spring has arrived.

  12. mike said

    It makes nice scenery the snow.

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