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Winter’s on the way!

Posted by Jackie on March 7, 2009

Glasgow Mar 09 002

OK, so let’s see if my experiment will work. Based on my previous lack of success in predicting the seasons*, declaring winter should mean we see lots of sun!

This is the view from University Gardens on Thursday. The concrete building in the background is the Boyd Orr Building, home of lots of lecture theatres and that sort of thing.

* A similar thing has happened with both football-related posts I have posted on this blog. I banged on about “good luck Scotland” and they lost both matches. Next time they play I’ll wish the opposition good luck, and Scotland will probably thrash them.

12 Responses to “Winter’s on the way!”

  1. Nah. If it’s good opposition we just might win – if it is poor opposition we’ll lose!

  2. Jacob said

    Oh my goodness. The snow is still there. I like the shot, though. Very nice.

  3. Derf said

    I suspect that logic might not work with the football…. This is Scotland we’re talking about! (An Honest Man may well be right though)

  4. LOL! I still need to bake the Christmas cake! Nice shot!

  5. Lara said

    hahaha, it works for me & umbrellas :))!

  6. Katya said

    Oh Jackie, I think your logic is too funny! Ah well. Snow makes for nice photos…dusting everything in a coat of white to make it stand out more. Our snow has gone, gone, gone. But wait. It *is* only March. I am sure we will be seeing more. We always do!!!!

  7. maria v said

    this is just too cold for me, right now i want to feel a bi warmer myself

  8. Sven said

    In Sweden we have the phrase “April weather” meaning that you never know. There may be half a day of sun, and then the snow comes back. Next day sun again, and so on. Regarding football, just relax. To see a match well played is a pleasure anyway.

  9. marley said

    It reminds me of the phrase “If it weren’t for bad luck I’d have none at all” Lol!

  10. Sven – I agree “To see a match well played is a pleasure anyway”, but since when has a Scot had that pleasure.

  11. Lunarossa said

    No, not winter again!!! The only football matches I watch are those played by my kids and although they are not always well played I cannot relax at all! Have a nice Sunday. Ciao. A.

  12. And your photograph prove that …

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