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Red light?

Posted by Jackie on March 10, 2009


Although it’s a bit shaky I do like this photo, taken about a month ago at the university while waiting for my bus home. The sky didn’t seem like this colour at the time, but I guess with the long camera exposure it’s able to pick up all the light pollution from the city.

13 Responses to “Red light?”

  1. JM said

    This is a great shot! The bare tree against the amazing sky is just fantastic! Wonderful colour.

  2. Snapper said

    IMO,the fact that it’s not tack sharp actually adds to rather than detracts from the quality of this eerie image. Beautiful!

  3. Jacob said

    Amazing shot. Sometimes there is more out there than meets the eye and the camera catches it! Good job!

  4. marley said

    Saw this as a thumbnail on the forum and just had to see it! The shakes add to the effect. Lovely photo.

  5. Katya said

    I have taken some photos like this at night and I love them! These are the types of photos that would be great to present to an English class and ask them to write about what they see and imagine is happening!

    Seriously, that IS the color of our nightime sky! No kidding. On a night with low clouds, the lights from the ski mountain reflect off the clouds and illuminate the skies in a rather “mysterious” orangey-red!

    Great capture!

  6. It’s a work of art, like you see in some galleries!

  7. Scott said

    Why does this remind me of the War of the Worlds movie? Superb shot!

  8. maria v said

    hey! i did a shot like this a while ago, and yes, the red sky behind the bare tree was really beautiful

  9. Dianne said

    this is beautiful, the color is perfect for the silhouettes of the branches.

  10. ken mac said

    Thank you. Beautiful!

  11. Beautiful shot. Fantastic colour. Would make a cracking header for your blog!

  12. one word – enigma

  13. babooshka said

    I agree the blurriness adds a certain mystery. It would be a boring world if the only good interesting images were pin sharp.

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