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Posted by Jackie on March 12, 2009


This is by the Science Centre, and is supposed to work by someone operating a pump to force water round the system. Unfortunately, after my friend’s son pretty much exhausted himself getting nowhere fast, we discovered a leak which meant that all his efforts were in vain.

9 Responses to “Contraption”

  1. Jacob said

    What a convoluted contraption…sorry it didn’t work like it was supposed to!

  2. Katya said

    Wow, that looks like a GREAT way to keep a BOY busy! hehehe

    Too bad the fellow’s efforts were all in vain. Looks like it would be totally cool, were it working properly!

  3. kingsfold said

    But even without the water, I found it intriguing going round the thing and working out how it would work. I really want to see it with the water in it.

  4. Vain ? no poroblem. Better luck next time.

  5. Ahh, science has never been my best!

  6. Lunarossa said

    It looks a bit like Cape Canaveral…where is the space shuttle? Ciao. A.

  7. The funnels of the PS Waverley can be seen in the background.

  8. Jan said

    Just now discovered Glasgow Daily Photo. Great to be here!

  9. maria said

    but it does look intricate!

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