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Day Tripping (1) – Ailsa Craig from Culzean

Posted by Jackie on March 16, 2009

View to Ailsa Craig from Culzean cliff walk

As I’m getting really low on photos and don’t at the moment have loads of time to spare from work to seek out new picture opportunities, I thought I’d buy myself some time by showing pictures of places that it is possible to get to and from in the space of a day from Glasgow, if you fancied a trip somewhere. I have enough pictures from round about to do a week of these every so often, so this week I’m going to show some pictures from a couple of places, firstly Culzean Castle & Country Park in Ayrshire which is a property of the National Trust of Scotland. I shall trust that An Honest Man won’t object to me spending a few days in his manor!

Culzean is in a fantastic location, on the cliffs with fantastic views across to the islands of Arran, Bute (I think) and the one in this picture, which is called Ailsa Craig. This island is uninhabited, but is well-known for its birdlife, and in fact it is now owned by the RSPB. You can find some information and more photos from Ailsa Craig here (including a picture of the paddle steamer Waverley which has featured on this blog before, including sneaking into the background of my picture from 4 days ago).

The picture was taken in April last year. Don’t let the sun fool you, it was pretty chilly up here on the clifftop!

16 Responses to “Day Tripping (1) – Ailsa Craig from Culzean”

  1. Jacob said

    That is absolutely striking in every way…the water, the sky, the sun…I especially like the way the waves wash curling up into the sand. Beautiful!

  2. Courtesy reciprocated!! Lovely photograph.

    On a good day you can see Ailsa Craig, Northern Ireland, Pladda, Sanda, the Mull of Kintyre, Arran, Bute and both Cumbraes.

  3. Katya said

    I would never mind getting chilled for such a fantastic photo!! It is so dreamy!!!

  4. Ex West Ender said

    Jackie – you mean you’ve been hiding this one in your archives?
    Stunning photo- One of your best in my humble opinion.
    The residents of Glasgow are so lucky to have such beautiful scenery on their doorstep.

  5. Hilda said

    Oh Jackie, this is a gorgeous, fantastic photo! And I want to run down to that beach to find what I can find among the rocks!

    If this is just a sample, by all means, post other photos of your day trips! And I hope your research and writing (or are you in the editing phase already?) are going well.

  6. Sven said

    Trip photos, splendid idea! Memories from 2007 awake in me: Dumfries, Stirling, Rosslyn!

  7. Dianne said

    oh how I want to visit Scotland!!

    I love the patterns in the water

    I like cold and damp and adore gray skies – so Scotland would make me happy 😉

    Craig Ferguson jokes that Scotland has 2 colors – gray and damp
    and a 3rd for holidays – bleak

    I love that

  8. Heaven… I’m in heaven… 🙂

  9. m_m said

    Beautiful photo! We enjoy both your blogs! We are looking forward to next photos:)

  10. Jan said

    Jackie: Yes, the non-blogging world has no idea just how much time this city DAILY photo site takes, do they? Love this photo. So pristine. Thanks for Greensboro NC Daily Photo, virtually. The comments let us know it is all worthwhile.

  11. Sven said

    Long ago when I visited Malta, my friend there said: “Sven always takes me to new places”, LOL

  12. gorgeous composition!

  13. JM said

    The circles in the water are just fantastic! Beautiful sea view!

  14. Ian said

    Wow. Simply stunning.

  15. Truly a breath-taking view…

  16. babooshka said

    You can get low on images anytime if this are the results. Knockout.

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