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Day Tripping (2) – Culzean cannon

Posted by Jackie on March 17, 2009


Here you can see Culzean Castle itself, approached from the south at the end of the cliff walk. The castle itself boasts a large collection of arms (apparently the largest of its type in the country after the collection in Windsor Castle), and was clearly well-protected.

I should say that “Culzean” isn’t pronounced as it is written. That’s how you know you’re in Scotland 😉

8 Responses to “Day Tripping (2) – Culzean cannon”

  1. Oh shame on you Jackie – there are plenty of English examples as well! :>)

  2. what a fun way to spend the day! I am anxious to plan a trip to Scotland one day. I have been to England many times but never to Scotland. it is on my list to do! I am glad you enjoyed the restaurant review and food descriptions. Today I am providing interesting information about artists from the past who have something in common with Digestif.

  3. Katya said

    Jackie, this looks like great place to have been in case of intruders! Very beautiful views, I daresay! And that bright green grass! Ours is ugly brown!!!

    Now…regarding pronunciation…
    While in New York City, NEVER say “Houston” as in Houston, Texas. It is “House-ton”.
    In Rochester, New York, “Chili” is not like the country. It is “Chi-Lie”. “Bergen” is NOT like “Burg-en”, but like “Burgeon”. While we all grew up with “Avon” toiletries, pronounced “long A-von”, it is the “Avon” with short A.

    If those in UK think Americans have slandered the king’s English, it is even more confusing to those of us living here!!!! With so many influences from all over the entire world, what might be true for one community is totally wrong in another. UGH!!!!

  4. Hilda said

    So how do you pronounce Culzean? Sounds like the time I tried singing along with Enya — never use the lyric sheet that comes with her CDs!

    Looks like a well-defended castle alright. Any canons facing landward?

  5. maria v said

    it looks as though the castle is in really good condition
    i’d love to be able to stay in one of those rooms overlooking the fileds on the other side of teh waterway – so soothing, so picturesque

  6. Derf said

    Culzean would sound more exciting if it was pronounced how it looks. When we went to the castle there were lego men to find in each room – it must have been half term, but it kept me and my Dad happily occupied!

  7. Hope to see more cannons ..

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