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Day Tripping (6) – Luss

Posted by Jackie on March 21, 2009

08 Luss

Yesterday’s photo was taken near the little village of Luss. Luss is on the bank of Loch Lomond, and is the setting for the 1980s Scottish soap opera “Take the High Road”. It reminded me of a model village which had been enlarged to almost life-size – the village was pretty much rebuilt in the 1800s by the Colquhouns (the local landowning family) to house the workers for the nearby slate quarries (which are no longer in use). You can see Loch Lomond in the background here.

14 Responses to “Day Tripping (6) – Luss”

  1. Guy D said

    This is a great shot, I’ve always wanted to visit Scotland. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Lara said

    those houses look so cool!

  3. Katya said

    What picture perfect little cottages! This looks so pretty.

  4. Gerald said

    I noticed the thumbnail on the portal and said – hey that’s Glendarroch and sure enough it is. I visited it mid-80s and took a little video of around the shop and the pier. On the last visit to Luss though a few years ago it was pouring down with rain and we only stopped outside the village long enough to dash to the loos.
    Watched “Take the High Road” for years – it got less interesting when it started being centred mainly on the marina somewhere or other and then Granada stopped showing it although it was still being broadcast in Scotland – Don’t know if it is still on but suspect if it is it’ll have gone downhill a bit like Emmerdale.

  5. What an idyllic scene!

  6. m_m said

    Sweet houses! I like this picture very much!

  7. JM said

    This is beautiful!

  8. Ah….Take the High Road… a veriable landmark in Scottish broadcasting! I can still hum the theme tune….unfortunately.

  9. marley said

    Take The High Road! That’s a blast from the past!

    You were the only one who spotted my bad (terrible, as you put it!) pun in my title today. As lobg as someone spots them I’ll keep doing them 🙂

  10. Jacob said

    Idyllic! Great houses and the scenery in the distance just magnifies the whole picture into a brilliant composition!

  11. Your photographs prove that how beautiful Scotland is.

  12. babooshka said

    Take The High Road, remember it well. Gerald is right it chopped and changed channels in England so much. Last time I saw it was 2001 in St Andrews. Pretty little place.

  13. Ian said

    Simply stunning. Such beautiful houses.

  14. I like this photo!

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