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Three Squares Gyratory

Posted by Jackie on March 24, 2009


This sculpture, created in 1972 by George Rickey, is called “Three Squares Gyratory”. The three squares move round and rotate in the wind, it’s really quite eery! I’ve shown this before, ages ago, but I think this is a better photo than the last one I showed.

14 Responses to “Three Squares Gyratory”

  1. tash said

    My gosh, what a fantastic photo. The sculpture is impressive enough but with the cathedral as background it is stunning. Congrats on this photo.

  2. Jacob said

    I agree with Tash. Stunning photo. I’d like to see that sculpture move with the wind.

  3. Jan said

    Love the idea of “day tripping.” A good way to add photos from elsewhere without compromising our blogs. Our Skywatch Friday will be a “day trip.”

  4. i love the architectural details and stone work. nice angle also!

  5. Scott said

    “The Three Squares Gyratory”. Sounds a bit rude to me, but great shot of it anyway Jackie!

  6. Hilda said

    And I was about to ask what the heck is a gyratory! Hee. Funny word. I think I actually like the sculpture — would love to see it moving in the wind. And this photo is great! I like the modern thingy against the beautiful old building and wonderful blue sky.

  7. m_m said

    Great perspective! Wonderful photo!

  8. Katya said

    Gyratory, eh? That would insinuate the thing moves constantly. hehehe Perhaps they would be a good word for the generators that so annoy many folks!

    Great photo!

  9. Jackie said

    Katya yes it does move a lot (given that we do get a lot of wind here! brrrr).

    Tash – actually it’s in front of the university building, not a cathedral – although I agree it is rather ecclesiastical in appearance!

    Thanks for comments everyone, I’ll try and return your visits over the next couple of days 🙂

  10. babooshka said

    So many shades withtin the stonework. I always say just posting is comment enough.

  11. Very nice shot of the sculpture against the older building.

  12. It is always good to see the different angles of the same building.

  13. Jackie said

    Scott: gyratory to me brings up images of terrible road planning, as it’s a common term in London for hopeless and massive one-way systems. More ranty than rude.

  14. njoy said

    This is a beautiful photo. I appreciate the contrast between silvery metals and the varying colors of stone!

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