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University chapel (3)

Posted by Jackie on March 27, 2009


Looking the other way from the altar this gives a bit more of an idea of the size of the chapel. The B&W is just an experiment but I quite like the effect.

10 Responses to “University chapel (3)”

  1. Katya said

    The chapel looks MASSIVE! Wow!

    I always have such a hard time doing black and white, as I just LOVE color!!!!! (I still attribute that to the Ukrainian bloodlines!!!) You have done a nice job here, indeed! I will admit, though, I immediately turned my laptop to look at the photo “properly”. Weird, isn’t it? (Wonder what that means?????)

  2. Lara said

    b&w is fine! it gives more drama to the photo!

  3. tash said

    3 stunning photos of the U chapel – each a special delight of its own.

  4. Yes, I like askew! 😉

  5. The B&W is effective. Colour can sometimes distract from the lines.

  6. Dianne said

    I love the B&W and the angle is great

  7. JM said

    Great composition! Love it in b&w!

  8. Lunarossa said

    The B&W effects are excellent. It looks like a different church compared to yesterday’s photo. Great idea. Have a nice weekend. Ciao. A.

  9. m_m said

    I like your perspective! Another great photo of this beautiful place!

  10. Photography is all about experiment and you did a good job.

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