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Phone home

Posted by Jackie on March 30, 2009


These phone boxes are in the grounds of Glasgow University main building – I loved the red against the blue sky.

In other news my laptop isn’t too happy (or more precisely the power supply isn’t) so although I’ll sneak in to post photos while I’m at work so there will still be a daily photo here, I won’t be online so much to comment elsewhere till the new power pack arrives. I’m sure this is probably a sign that I need to get a life 😀

10 Responses to “Phone home”

  1. Katya said

    OH NO! A dying power supply!! I had one laptop Mark did surgery on. He took the thing apart at the connector to the laptop, cut the connection in the wire, then resoldered it. He taped the plastic part together, then applied gobs and gobs of Shoe Goo on the thing. As the Goo dried, it shrank and the net result was a working power supply! (ah, the mind of a displaced mechanical engineer!)

    I also love the red against skies of blue! Looks like someone with one of those shocking neon green jackets is just to the right side of the photo, adding even a *bit* more color! A really nice capture!

  2. Jacob said

    I think you chose red phone books because red is the color of empowerment!

  3. tash said

    The snuck in photo is very charming.

  4. Half-baked said

    It’s 2 weeks since my laptop went to the doctor, I desperately need it back!

  5. A great composition

  6. m_m said

    I like these red phone boxes:) We also posted the red phone box in our blog some time ago. But in Nowy Sacz it is only the advertisement of the School of English:)
    Great photo! I like the contrast of the red phone boxes and old walls:)

  7. Dianne said

    I love the red against the sky too, and the shade is lovely as well

    More power to ya 😉

  8. marley said

    Glad you snuck this one in! Great contrast.

  9. Kris said

    No sign of ET…

  10. Oh, I love those red phone booths!

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