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University view

Posted by Jackie on March 31, 2009


This photo shows (L-R) the library (concrete monstrosity), Round Reading Room, the Hub (the green and blue squared building – it’s a new student services building), and the Wellington church. No sign of leaf buds yet on the trees (I took this picture just last week), but hopefully they’ll be emerging soon.

8 Responses to “University view”

  1. very nice!

  2. Jacob said

    I’m amazed at what a huge, impressive institution this is. Hope you get some signs of spring soon.

  3. maria said

    our trees are now full of buds – i hope spring is round the corner for you too

  4. Very nice general view!

  5. m_m said

    Nice view! I like your perspective with the lantern:)

  6. marley said

    Thanks for the guided tour, lots to see.

  7. Katya said

    Maybe no leaf buds, but look at the GRASS!!! IT is SCRAMING green!!!!!!!

    Out lawn is still looking sorrowful…..lots of dead brown grass with new little tufts of pale green beginning to emerge.

    Lovely photo!

  8. A cool view.

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