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April 2009 Theme Day – Yellow

Posted by Jackie on April 1, 2009


Today it’s the first of the month so time for another theme day. This month it is the colour yellow, and I set myself the task of finding something yellow that wasn’t a daffodil, as I though there might be lots and lots of daffodil photos in the northern hemisphere blogs. I found this sign as I wandered round the main building of Glasgow University and it really piqued my curiosity – it’s probably just a sign of my overactive imagination but I imagine a sheer drop down hundreds of feet to the bowels of the university. Actually now that I’m in the thick of essay marking that’s quite an attractive image, somewhere to lure the dim students so as never to read their essays again!

It’s probably just a really disappointing couple of inches drop. But I can dream 🙂

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15 Responses to “April 2009 Theme Day – Yellow”

  1. Sally said

    It’s where they chuck the essays for grading purposes – those sticking around the top, higher marks.
    Sydney Daily Photo

  2. Katya said


    Hmmm….curiosity killed more than the cat, then?

    Sorry, feeling a bit outta sorts lately!!!!!

  3. Jacob said

    Well, you could check and find out exactly what this is all about…and then when you crawl up to the top again, post a photo and commentary on your experiences. Heck, you could maybe even write a book: call it “The Times and Trials of a City Daily Photo Blogger.” I’ll buy a copy.

  4. I hope you find out the answer…you now have my curious nature aroused.

  5. Interesting 🙂

  6. Jilly said

    Too funny. Great choice for today.

  7. babooshka said

    April Fool’s day has my over active imagination running riot. Possibly the scariest yellow this theme day.

  8. It is an unusual sign. Why not just Keep Out! or Danger! or don’t Enter Unless your life insurance is paid up!

  9. Halcyon said

    I was thinking the same thing when I saw this on the portal. I wonder just how far the drop goes?? An intriguing choice for the theme day.

  10. Bill B. said

    It really is tedious reading and grading all those essays. But every once and a while, one jumps out at you that makes it all worth while.

  11. It does make me curious.

  12. marley said

    That is a bit scary!

  13. Lunarossa said

    Sounds dangerous whatever it is and the yellow colour does not make it look friendlier. Ciao. A.

  14. Ian said

    I am wondering if “Estates and Facilities” provides parachutes for those who are given permission…

  15. The old gallows at Barlinnie?

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