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Sky and lamp

Posted by Jackie on April 2, 2009


This blog is turning into Glasgow University Daily Photo unfortunately, as I’m really stuck for time for getting out and about at the moment to take pictures of other places, sorry about that. Luckily for me (and you!) Glasgow University does have some good views!

10 Responses to “Sky and lamp”

  1. Katya said

    I really like this photo! Look at the BLUE sky! Hey, the university is part of Glasgow! No problem on this end….I just like seeing all of your photos! Great perspectives!

  2. maria said

    i know how you feel – i’ts so difficult to get out and about some times. daylight saving time has really helped me to take better photos, as it doesnt get dark till about 8pm these days in crete

  3. Very nice composition!

  4. m_m said

    Great composition!

  5. Dianne said

    the composition is lovely, I especially like the angle of the wonderful old looking street lamp

    if you have to be stuck somewhere at least it’s a pretty place
    I’m stuck in a basement in NJ đŸ˜‰

  6. Nice one.

  7. Jacob said

    Please don’t apologize…the university is charming and stately and great to look at, as this photo illustrates!

    Computers can be difficult. My main computer just crashed due to an electrical spike – I lost my main hard drive – it had just about everything on it! Can’t be brought back to life. So, I’m in recovery (or rehab) right now. I learned one thing: If I had plugged it into a battery backup, it would have come through OK! Everything is not plugged into a battery backup!

    And don’t worry about commenting. There are so many blogs and I’d love to go to each one every day and make a comment, but it is physically impossible to do that.

    Best wishes!

  8. I have the same problem, little time at lunch to vary my range of where I take pictures. The trick is to try to get a new slant/view on things already photographed. I like the lamp, it looks like there is a little decoration under the glass on the pole.

  9. JM said

    Wonderful composition. The University building is gorgeous!

  10. Jani said

    I’ve actually been planning on doing a Glasgow University Daily Photo blog next academic year. Well, at least attempting to anyway.

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