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Ashton Lane sky

Posted by Jackie on April 3, 2009


One more shot of that amazing blue sky we had last week. This is looking up in Ashton Lane – I’ve shown the little lights before in an evening shot. To the left is the Grosvenor Cinema, a little independent cinema.

Still no sign of the power pack for the laptop. And now one of my email accounts (the one I use for this blog) appears to have eaten all my saved emails. I hope it spits them out soon! The wonders of modern technology, eh?!

13 Responses to “Ashton Lane sky”

  1. Sally said

    That is SOOOOOOOO frustrating when your computer won’t co-operate. It is supposed to be YOUR slave, not the opposite…Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    Nice sky.

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  2. Computer = frustration!

    The brickwork patterns stand out wonderfully against the ‘plain’ sky.

  3. Half-baked said

    Lovely sky. And I love Ashton Lane – I once interviewed Teenage Fanclub in a cafe down there for the university newspaper. I am totally with you on the computer, I missed mine so badly the two weeks it was at the doctor’s.

  4. Hilda said

    So sorry to hear about your tech troubles — must be very frustrating! I hope everything gets sorted out soon.

    Beautiful blue sky! The mirror image letters of the cinema are funny-cute.

  5. Scott said

    If only the Glasgow sky was always so blue! I much prefer it to the grey and the raining and the running for cover from it.

  6. Lara said

    forget about technology – focus on the bright blue skies :)! hope the technology will start working soon too…

  7. Katya said

    WOW! Everything looks better in BLUE!!! What a beautiful sky. My favorite kind! I do know one thing…I can see you made the most of it….
    Sorry about the power pack. That really stinks. Computers are so tremendous when they work! Did you ever look into a different power supply? I think Targus makes universal power supplies with different adapters. Mark bought me one before he did his Shoe Goo fix, then returned the thing!!!

  8. Jackie said

    Katya, thanks, the new power pack is sitting in the delivery office waiting, so I shall pick it up tomorrow and hopefully will be back to speed soon 🙂

  9. m_m said

    Interesting photo! Nice perspective.

  10. babooshka said

    Amazing blue sky is the perfect description. None compliant hardware really annoys me.

  11. Linda said

    Undiscovered Glasgow!
    Aargh – computers. Sending you good technical wishes from 40 miles away.

  12. What an amazing blue color this sky has! Wonderful!

  13. I don’t find such amazing blue sky here. I don’t know hwy ? may be the different climate.

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