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Brush with celebrity

Posted by Jackie on April 4, 2009


This cat has appeared on this blog before, probably about a year ago I think. It (I’m sure it’s a she, but a friend insists it’s a he – though I have to say there is a distinct lack of any boy bits that I can see! But I’ll keep using “it” to avoid any unnecessary controversy) belongs to someone who lives nearby, but most days can be found in the building where I have my office – very often, as here, underneath a radiator. Not only does the cat have its own appreciation group on facebook, but earlier this month became even MORE (or should that be MOAR) famous, featuring as a lolcat! How cool is that?!

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7 Responses to “Brush with celebrity”

  1. very cute great photos and an interesting story. i would love an office pet roaming around to say hello and distract me from my work once in a while.

  2. Jacob said

    Very cute cat. Cats are gods.

  3. Lara said

    I am absolutelly mad about cats! About dogs too :)), and about animals in general! Cats are wonderful, so I am glad some of them became famous :)!
    @ your comment: I am in RO now, indeed, totally waiting for Vienna, on Thursday next week. Yupeeeeeee!

  4. Linda said

    Definitely a cat in control of its world.

  5. Sven said

    Your essay surely will be a success, now that you have a practical cat to assist you. And then I hope you’ll have time to go to Rosslyn. It’s a great place even if you detest Dan Brown!

  6. Andrew said

    Good laugh. Nice to see not all cats at LOL Cats are anon.

  7. Hey what a famous cat ! Still I can’t beleive that it has its own appreciation group on facebook. wow !

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