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Posted by Jackie on April 6, 2009


This was taken the other week at Hillhead underground (subway) station.

9 Responses to “Hillhead”

  1. Ian said

    Great photo.

  2. Jacob said

    I like the sense of movement in this photo. And that one guy’s legs give the impression he’s hanging out at the train station.

  3. The clockwork orange in black and white!

  4. Nice composition. Just that legs distracted my mind a little.

  5. Katya said

    The only subway system I ever “experienced” was in NYC and it was NOT clean and tidy like this!

    Very nicely done in black and white!

  6. ken mac said

    subways…almost the same the world over…though that looks much cleaner than the NYC subway..

  7. Wayne said

    I agree with Ken. My first impression is that it looks cleaner than most subways I’m familiar with.

  8. I’m like Jacob, I like the movement a lot.

  9. babooshka said

    It is clean, it is a clockwork orange,and it is a terrific image. I cam feel the wind and imagined menace, strangely due the cleanliness. Just not used to these places like that.

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