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Queen Street station

Posted by Jackie on April 14, 2009


Although Central Station is the bigger and more photogenic of Glasgow’s stations, it’s not the only one. Queen Street station, on the north side of George Square, is where you go for trains to Edinburgh and to further north in Scotland.

11 Responses to “Queen Street station”

  1. Jacob said

    I just think it is wonderful you have so much public transportation available. Here, we do not, and must rely on our own vehicles.

  2. Wayne said

    I’ve been in Central Station of few times but i didn’t even know there was another rail station. The stuff you learn on CDP!

  3. Sven said

    Yes, to Stirling!

  4. Been a while since I was last here but I used to go here for the Inverness train.
    Leeds Photo Daily

  5. There used to be four main stations – Central, Queen Street, St Enoch and Buchanan Street. There ia apparently talk of recreating Bridge Street Station as the terminus for the new Airport link to Glasgow and as the stopping point for the West Coast Trains.

  6. i love train stations, and there’s no better place for them than in the UK – so harry potterish…

  7. Katya said

    A very cool station! Love the lines! (of the building, not the people!!! heheheh)
    When people here ay they are traveling by train, I think others ask, “Why?”! We are such a “driven” nation………

  8. Kris said

    This is a good looking building. Has it been refurbished of late?

  9. Great shot.

  10. Jackie said

    Kris – I’m not sure to be honest – not since I’ve been here (coming up 4 years), but it may have been in the last few years I guess.

  11. Sven said

    So you really went to Stirling, that’s great! I look forward to a long row of “Stirling daily photo”.

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