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St Silas’ Church

Posted by Jackie on April 19, 2009


St Silas’ Church is an Episcopal church on Woodlands Road, not too far from Glasgow University.

10 Responses to “St Silas’ Church”

  1. PJ said

    We’re on the same track today.

  2. Jacob said

    Great shot. I knew most Episcopal churches in the States seem to have red doors; I didn’t know that was true in other countries too. Fascinating.

  3. m_m said

    I haven’t seen such church yet! I like the rosette and red door which contrasts with mainly white church:)

  4. dianne said

    I love the front! and the sweet blue sky

  5. Katya said

    What a pretty church…I love the window in the top. Very ornate! Churches are so wonderful to photograph, as each has its own “personality”!

  6. thursodailyphoto said

    Are you an Piscie yourself? ‘Twas where I started, and where I received my first kiss from a woman who wasn’t my mother (at my Confirmation).

  7. marley said

    I like the big round window!

  8. Kris said

    Very la de da…

  9. tash said

    The lighting and the crispness of the photo really bring out the beauty of the church.

  10. Tash is absolutely right.

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