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Spring leaves

Posted by Jackie on April 22, 2009


These trees in Queen’s Park give the game away – spring is definitely here (if someone could just tell the temperature that, that would be appreciated!!).

6 Responses to “Spring leaves”

  1. tash said

    The greening of Glasgow – really lovely.

  2. Katya said

    Yay! Green leaves are definitely a Spring thing! We are WAY behind as far as leaves go, although we are relatively warmer than many years! Our temperatures are just another rollercoaster ride in April and even May. Shiver one day, then summery warm the next. Makes for an interesting wardrobe, though!!!!

  3. Scott said

    Thankfully it was warm enough on Sunday for the first BBQ of the season. First of many I hope!

  4. Left Inverness this morning at 18 degrees Celsius – not bad.

  5. james buchanan said

    hi jackie i got to your site from the urban flyfisher as fishing is my first love,but i have had my eyes opened at the fantastic things in every day life you bring out with your camera as my years advance you jog my memory and think i will go out with my own small camera and record my surroundings thanks for your site and be assured i will be watching jd

  6. Jackie said

    Hi James, I’m glad you found and liked my blog, and happy to have inspired you 🙂

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