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Making the most of the sun

Posted by Jackie on April 24, 2009


Although it was early evening there were still quite a few people enjoying Queen’s Park on Sunday, and soaking up the sun (we never know here when we’re next going to get any!).

11 Responses to “Making the most of the sun”

  1. dianne said

    lovely scene
    sure is green, guess that’s the reward for all the rain 🙂

  2. PJ said

    Things are starting to warm up? Spring is a wonderful time of year.
    I’m curious, what do Scotlanders think of Craig Ferguson? I’m a huge fan of his.

  3. Jacob said

    What a great place to relax and enjoy Mother Nature.

  4. Lunarossa said

    Lovely green! Glad it’s warmer in Glasgow too. We had a few warm days here in York but today the cool wind in back! Have a nice weekend. Ciao. A.

  5. Katya said

    Several words come to mind, such as green, delightful, lush, and luxurious! What a treat to enjoy a carpet of green!
    Okay, so I am NOT bragging here, as our weather roller-coasters out of control quite frequently, but today…ah, today…we are to “hit” 27 degrees, Celsius. Yes, Celsius!!!! Warm, warm, warm. And the trend is to continue through Monday. I will certainly pray the warmth spreads its way across the Atlantic to Scotland!!!!!!

  6. I don’t blame them. We are doing the same here, enjoying the weather before the severe heat gets here and we will have to stay in doors.

  7. m_m said

    So many green in one place:) Great:)

  8. thursodailyphoto said

    Let’s all mourn the daffodils.

  9. Lara said

    only in Romania we are not allow to step on the grass :(!

  10. Lara said

    allowED :)…

  11. serenity

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