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Posted by Jackie on May 3, 2009


As well as the planting, the garden also incorporates some of the features from the time as a tram depot. Most noticeable is this tower, which is part of the depot’s own little electricity substation.

9 Responses to “Tower”

  1. Katya said

    Very imposing…impressive…and a nice shot, Jackie!

  2. Wayne said

    In Vancouver most of the old stacks have been chopped off at the ankles due to the fear that they’d fall over in an earthquake. I can only think of one remaining off hand. This is a very nice shot Jackie.

  3. Tower? or as Wayne says, a chimney stack?

  4. Looks very menacing, perhaps because of your angle?

  5. dianne said

    I love how the blue sky softens it

  6. Kris said

    Phallologocentrism, how I have missed thee!

  7. Amazing

  8. Jackie said

    Kris, I can’t think what you’re on about 😉

  9. marley said

    Imposing and…well…towering!

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