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Slug proof?

Posted by Jackie on May 5, 2009


One last one from the chimney stack (as it was so good for photos, I took several!). We had a bit of a discussion about the lone weed growing half-way up, it’s certainly hardy as I can’t imagine it gets much in the way of nutrients up there and is pretty exposed to the weather. We figured it was probably a good place to live though as it would be unlikely that any slug would reach that far.

9 Responses to “Slug proof?”

  1. Jacob said

    You have a fantastic eye…and this is a super photo!

  2. Especially with the metal bands barring the way – metal and slugs don’t agree. Great photograph.

  3. Katya said

    Very nice photo! My, how you can take such an “un-interesting” subject and turn it into a great one!!!!

    Someday, some way, I will need to take some photos of trees growing in the sides of mountains in what appears to be shale! When we used to travel more to Pennsylvania, many such specimans grew along the highway. I would just stare in utter disbelief, wondering how these trees could grow there, apparently not needing SOIL in which to grow!!!!!! (to say nothing of water and nutrients!!!!) It did make me stop and think about the expression “bloom where you are planted”. Ah, to be as “thriving” as those death-defying plants!!!!!!!

  4. Bill B. said

    These stacks were such a common site where I grew up. They have all been torn down as polluters and eyesores. Seems like they could have morphed into something better.

  5. Antonella said

    Love your photos of the chimney stack. If I were a free climber I surely would like to go up there….Ciao. A.

  6. marley said

    Only a slug on a mission!

  7. babooshka said

    I am back in the loop. It seems you have turned into a photographer whilst I have been awol. Have to say the imposing angle, burst of blue sky marvellous.

  8. Any slug which scaled that would deserve the finest lettuce.

    (I must say I fear I may need one of those metal bands soon for a little belly.)

  9. m_m said

    It looks like the Babel Tower! Nice angle!

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