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Pair of Swans

Posted by Jackie on May 8, 2009


This beautiful couple are the breeding pair of swans in Queen’s Park. I think it’s still a bit early for cygnets, and I haven’t spotted their nest so I’m not sure if they’ve even bred at all this year. But I’ll go back in a few weeks and with any luck there will be some “ugly ducklings”. In the meantime though, the parents are pretty photogenic in their own right 🙂

In other news, I dropped my bus pass yesterday – if any locals find a bus pass which doesn’t expire till 6th June, please please please hand it in to First Buses lost property, I’d be so grateful (especially if it’s mine!! 😀 ). If it was on a bus where I lost it it will have been on a number 66. Thanks so much!

11 Responses to “Pair of Swans”

  1. Jacob said

    Sorry about your bus pass.

    This photo is superb, however. I love the muted colors…very much like a soft painting!

  2. Katya said

    Beautiful, beautiful swans! A little more sophisticated than the lot that swarmed me for cracked corn a couple of months ago!!! Jacob is right…the photo does look very much like a painting! If I were to give it a name, it would be ‘Peace and Grace’!

    Oh, how frustrating to lose your bus pass! I certainly hope an honest soul finds it and turns it in for you!

  3. PJ said

    The swans are so elegant, I suppose they can’t help themselves, they’re just made that way.
    So sorry to hear about the bus pass, bummer.

  4. Antonella said

    What a beautiful couple they make! I wish humans could as elegant! Sorry about the bus pass. My son has lost his and in the house we think. Gives you an idea how tidy we are!!! Have a nice weekend. Ciao. A.

  5. Derf said

    Yay, sniggets! (Well, hopefully sniggets, and for that to make any sense whatsoever you have to have read the same books as me in childhood – think it was the Mary Mary stories but I could be wrong….)

  6. the swans look stunning in your photo – perfect shot

  7. JM said

    Just lovely!

  8. Lara said

    beautiful creatures! and I hope you get your pass back!

  9. Andrew said

    Some DNA tests were done on our local lake black swans, and although they pair for life, they are very promiscuous. From books as a kid, I always thought swans were white, until I was older and discovered ours are black. Not sure if we have white swans.

  10. Linda said

    Good luck with the lost property office – you know what I mean!

  11. Jackie said

    Andrew, I don’t know how promiscuous these two are, but I don’t think they have much opportunity as they’re the only two swans in the park!

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