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City Chambers in the sunshine

Posted by Jackie on May 19, 2009


I’ve not shown a picture of the City Chambers for a while – here it is basking in the glorious weather from last week.

9 Responses to “City Chambers in the sunshine”

  1. Katya said

    Very striking with that scrumptious blue sky!!! I really like the gulls flashing by, too!

  2. Jacob said

    Now that’s what I call a city hall! Beautiful shot!

  3. Yep, remember that (in November rain!) You’ve even caught two gulls it seems!

  4. Hilda said

    Really, this building is just magnificent. And it seems that your weather has been too! Lovely shot, Jackie. I especially like that you caught the birds in flight!

  5. Excellent definition.

  6. Tinsie said

    Just look at that beautiful sky!!

    The City Chambers building is pretty stunning too.

  7. marley said

    Looks lovely with the blue sky.

  8. m_m said

    Interesting building!

  9. Ian said

    Great capture of gulls as others have said.

    I think we’ve sent our blue skies to you: rain and grey here for the past few days.

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