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Synagogue (1)

Posted by Jackie on May 22, 2009


This is a close-up of the writing above the door of the synagogue on Niddrie Road in the south side of the city, not far from Queen’s Park. I did once see someone coming out and locking up so I know it is sometimes used, but apart from that one time I’ve only ever been past when it’s been locked up so I’ve never seen inside it. I’ll show you a view of the outside tomorrow.

5 Responses to “Synagogue (1)”

  1. Katya said

    Very beautiful!!!! My Hebrew is so rusty, I can’t quite seem to make out all the writing!

  2. Linda said

    Sad that all places of worship have to have such security measures.
    At one point in my teens I had a plan to go to Glasgow Uni and study Hebrew and Czech. Youthful dreams!

  3. Simple but effective.

  4. Alec said

    That’s an odd combination, Linda! At the college in Thurso, there have been Biblical Hebrew classes as well as Czech, but never at the same time.

  5. Linda said

    The beauty of Glasgow Uni, as Jackie will attest (and speaking as an Aberdeen graduate) is that you can study pretty much anything with anything in the Faculty of Arts. That’s also impressive for Thurso College.

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