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Bruiser baby coot

Posted by Jackie on May 29, 2009


Taken at the end of last week, this shows really well how big the two baby coots are getting – here’s one with a parent, they’re nearly as big as the adults now and right bruisers, but still covered in fluff. I’m assuming the ducks and swans haven’t bred this year, as there isn’t hide nor hair of ducklings or cygnets sadly.

6 Responses to “Bruiser baby coot”

  1. Katya said

    Aw, that is so cute, Jackie! I have no idea what happened, but all of “our” Coots have SCOOTED! I haven’t seen one in probably a month now. There were so many here….perhaps they were just passing through.

    I love the ripples in the water!

  2. Lara said

    oh, but these are so cute too!

  3. Ian said


  4. Linda said

    A good Glasgow specimen of a coot. I must look out for the Edinburgh variety – perhaps they’re all genteel and Morningside.

  5. marley said

    Must be a teenager in bird years!

  6. Lovely 🙂

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