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Posted by Jackie on May 30, 2009


A couple of weeks ago I showed one of the Queen’s Park ponds with lots of leaves and said it’ll be a few weeks and it will look amazing with the irises. They are just starting to flower now, lots of buds but only a few of them had fully opened up. I took loads of pictures, this was the only decent one but hey, it was worth the rubbish ones to get this one 🙂

8 Responses to “Iris”

  1. Sven said

    It was worth getting your feet wet too I believe. In Sweden we call it “svärdslilja”, sword lily.

  2. Tinsie said

    Beautiful shot! My camera has trouble focusing on yellow flowers, but you’ve done this so well 🙂

  3. Katya said

    Jackie, BEAUTIFUL!!!! I had some wild Irises shown in my blog a few days ago, but I had to shoot from about 100 feet away, so little detail as the sun was GLARING on them, making it really hard for the censors to read correctly!!! They are such strikingly beautiful flowers and you did a great capture!!!!

  4. m_m said

    Beautiful photo of lovely flower!

  5. Ian said

    Interesting name Sven: thank you for sharing.

    And wow — thanks Jackie: so vivid and bright. Nice to see on a gloomy and wet Sydney day.

  6. lovely photo and detail

  7. marley said

    That really is good, so sharp. I guess summer is here at last!

  8. It is truly amazing.

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